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The first people to inhabit all of Ireland were the Firbolgs then along came the Tuatha de Dannan in Ships out of the skies. They fought a great battle for control of Ireland at Moytura (Magh Tuireadh)

After this battle the Firbolgs went to Connaught and the Tuatha de Dannan ruled the country for hundreds of years with peace equality and fairness, everyone was satisfied as they all prospered.

Then came the Fomorians (Gales) and another great battle took place again at Moytura. This time the result of the battle was that the two peoples would share the island. The Tuatha de Dannan were tricked into having the part that could not be seen. They were banished underground into Caves (Owen-na -gat) Ringforts (Fairy Rings) hillocks(Mullinnashee) and into the trees of the forests.

The Saoir ( Carpenter/ Stonemason ) was the man who built the homes for the people of the de Dannan and the sons of the tradesman (Mac an tSaoir) was given the gift of seeing the Homes, the Wood Spirits and the Sea Spirits in the timbers of the Irish Forests.


Seamus Mac an tSaoir, (Jim Mc Intyre)

As a descendant of the Saoir ( Carpenter/Stonemason)to the Tuatha de Danaan I have been given the Gift of Seeing the Ancient Wood Spirits, Sea Spirits and Fairy Whimsical Homes in the timber of the Irish Forests.

With my chisel and mallet I bring out what I see in the timber for you to enjoy.

The timber used by an tSaoir (Wood Carver) is reclaimed wood, recycled wood, storm damage timber, driftwood or hedge trimming timber.


Wood spirits

Have been brought indoors to homes for thousands of years. They are made of the same materials as the house and are believed to protect the homes.

As well as protection Wood Spirits are believed to bring good fortune, health, happiness, joy and prosperity to the people of the dwelling.

People gave them pride of place in the home and treated them as a good friend. They are also good company as traditionally people would talk to the Wood Spirit, tell them their worries, fears as well as their hopes and their dreams.

Wood Spirits carved on a hiking stick were believed to protect the person as they walked on their journey through the forests.

The father of the bride would carve a Wood Spirit for his daughter to look after her and her family in her new home.


Wood Spirits as House/Home Warming Gifts

Wood Spirits bring Health, Happiness and Hope.

Wood Spirits Protect the Home from Ice Bergs, Meteors, Earthquakes, Tornados, Tsunami, Eruptions, Cyclones, Avalanches, Blizzards

And flooding on very high ground (in Ireland).


  • 2 fairy houses and 2 wood spirits as t-lights.
  • Dalach, a very wise a Ollamh, 11x4x3 inches approx. Aodhan, of the Fire, a Chieften, 10x5x4 inches approx. Manchan, Sea Spirit Warrior (Driftwood) 15x4x3 inches approx.
  • Ambrose, younger clean shaved Cleric, 10 x3x3 inches approx. Peregrine, a manuscript scribe, 7x4x3 inches approx. Bruce, musician from Dal Riada, 8x4x3
  • Baylor of the Evil Eye 15x2x2
  • Fairy garden 10 x4x5 inches approx.
  • Fairy houses.
  • Fairy houses.


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