Francey Cassidy – Artist in Wood

A native of Donegal Town I worked as a carpenter for thirty odd years until overcome by the urge to follow my passion for artistic work.

As a child I had watched a monk in Mountmellery Abbey turn a wooded bowl and that stayed with me ever since. Until I got my first basic lathe in later life and cut my turning teeth by making egg cups and sugar bowls.

I realised in time that there were no limits to what I could achieve on the lathe other than the limits of my imagination. I went on to meet other turners, learned from them and did what the Japanese do, took ideas and advanced them.

I now make unique pieces from high quality timber, such as tall goblets and natural edge bowls; personalised and bespoke pieces. I enjoy decorating my work with vibrant colours, pyography and carving.

Francey turning on a Pole Lathe

Francy using a Pole Lathe at Uisneach Fire Festival



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